Bred with love for the breed.
    Bred with care for success.

Our next litter is due right before
Christmas!! We will have
brindles and whites! There is a
waiting list but please contact us
to let us know your interest.

Contact Us Page
if you are interested in being
added to our notification list.
                                                                           Home is what we are all about.
                                                                 Here in the heart of the farmland of fields,
                                                                    Morgan horses,  family, and fresh air in
in                                                                       the state of  Maine is where we raise our
we                                                                      AKC registered Boxer  puppies.
Our puppies are great for families
We health test all our producers
We pick our sires by actual inspection
to ensure proper conformation and
HIGHOVER BOXERS  ∙  Eliot, Maine
The dog industry would not exist without dog breeders. The
pet dog and show dog industries would not survive without
breeders that constantly strive to improve the animals that
they produce.
We continually work to produce the finest quality in
temperament, conformation and health in individuals for the
Boxer breed.
Michael out doing chores with
Bella and Chloe. They LOVE to
ride in the Gator!